Radical Robotics is pleased to announce the launch of their new robotic Vessel Cleaning Tool (VCT) for use in the industrial cleaning industry.

This automated tool takes everything that Radical Robotics has learned designing revolutionary robotic tools for the tank cleaning industry and miniaturizes it to tackle small tanks and vessels with ease.

Designed with ease of use and versatility in mind, the Radical Robotics VCT features interchangeable nozzles for both initial debulking and final cleaning, making it a true all-in-one solution to eliminating confined space entry for small tank and vessel jobs.

Boasting a maximum pressure of 3500 psi and a maximum flow of 250 GPM, the VCT weighs in at under 200 pounds and can be separated into two pieces. This gives it a form factor that is easily maneuverable, which comes in handy when dealing with vessels located in hard-to-reach places.

Unlike traditional vessel cleaning equipment, the VCT is fully controllable using Radical Robotics’ PLC software or Radical Software’s VantageSuite, meaning you can take direct control of the tool’s 360 degrees of rotational movement and 90 degrees of articulation to focus on problem areas inside the vessel, cutting down on cleaning time.

Like all Radical Robotics equipment, the VCT is at its best when paired with Radical Software’s VantageSuite, which has recently been updated to include a set of tools geared specifically towards vessels including vessel-specific obstructions.

These additions to the program will allow you to completely plan out your vessel cleaning job before ever heading out to site, so you can accurately quote and execute your job with minimal downtime.

In cases where you need more than one VCT to do the job, you’ll be able to determine the best possible placement well in advance of heading to the job site so you can be sure that your process will work the first time, every time.

Additionally, a Radical Robotics Circulation Management Tank can easily be tied into the system to aid in debulking and product recovery, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness and reducing the environmental impact of the process.

Finally, the VCT is compatible with Radical Robotics’ universal control system, meaning it can easily be tied into any existing Radical Robotics spread and run at the same time as other Radical Robotics tools.

This means you’ll be able to use the same Command Center for both vessel cleaning and tank cleaning jobs, allowing you to tackle both simultaneously as the need arises and dramatically reducing overhead on vessel cleaning jobs.

Like the Radical Robotics automated manway cannon before it, the VCT represents the future of vessel cleaning in North America and around the world.

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