The Future of Tank Cleaning Artificial Intelligence

1. Visual Tool

Radical Software visual tool allows you to build a complete 3D site and tank layout without engineering or training with precision measurements and adjustments.

2. Cleaning Project Simulation

Radical Software Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation allows you to simulate the cleaning and de-bulking process to find the most efficient set up and identify any hurdles prior to starting the cleaning process. 

3. Scanning Tool

Radical’s soon to be integrated tool allows you to see a real time a 3D visual representation of the solids in the tank during cleaning.   Additionally, it will adjust the erosion rate and estimated cleaning time based on actual live results during cleaning process. 

4. Artificial Intelligence

Radical Software Artificial Intelligence with live feed back will self direct the tool operations and site management system to consistently provide maximum efficiency during the cleaning process.

Paired with our flow back tank/site management system, the system will trigger valves to bypass the knockout tank once the knockout tank is full, which allows the system to continue to circulate while the knockout tank is emptied.   A notification system notifies the site it’s ready to vac out the knockout tank.

When a vac truck is sucking out the knockout tank, the system will circulate minimal fluid from the tank circulation and agitation system to assist with moving the solids.  This allows the system to never stop and suspended product to never settle.

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