What's New:

Simplify your tank cleaning operation using Radical Software’s VantageSuite

What's New:

Optimize your circulation process with Radical Robotics’ brand new Circulation Management Tank

What's New:

Simplify your tank cleaning operation using Radical Software’s new Project Management Suite

What's New:

Optimize your circulation process with the new Radical Robotics Circulation Management Tank

Who We Are

Radical Robotics is a Canadian company that is changing the face of the industrial tank cleaning industry in Canada and around the world. Our unique blend of automated robotic tools and revolutionary software turns the traditional tank cleaning process on its head. Our tools are all designed and built in-house in Calgary, AB using knowledge our team has earned over years of experience in the industrial cleaning industry. Our goal has always been to create the most efficient and easy-to-use tools on the market — from our flagship high-pressure robotic cannons to the Radical Software suite, which guides you from the initial planning phases of a job right through to completion. All of our tools are available through Precise Tank Cleaning Tools Inc., the exclusive distributor of Radical Robotics products.

Our Products

Radical Software’s VantageSuite

A fully integrated pre-planning, simulation and execution tool

Video Surveillance & Lighting Systems

We design and build state of the art, explosion-proof 4K video surveillance & lighting systems.

Water Cannons & Sweeps

Explosion-proof, high pressure water cannon & sweep systems.

Tracked Machines

Explosion-proof manned and unmanned tracked machines.

Live Injection & Recovery Tools

Explosion-proof, zero entry live injection and recovery tools.

Automated Site Management

Hydraulic power units, pump control, engine management and automated monitoring systems for flow, temperature, level and pressure.

Universal Command Center & Portable Mini Control Stations

Circulation Management Tanks

Intelligently manage the circulation process



Radical Robotics is revolutionizing the tank cleaning industry! I’m with Terrapure Environmental and we just picked up one of their new automated water cannon/ sweep packages and I’m nothing short of amazed how far this technology has come since I first used it back in 2009. No more giant umbilical cable and finicky electrical issues I had to deal with from units other manufacturers supply. Everything Radical Robotics supplies is reliable, plug and play and simple to set up. The support team can access the control system remotely so no downtime! I’m very happy with the equipment I have got to use so far and I’m excited to see what new products Radical Robotics will come out with next.

– Tyler Bennett, Terrapure Environmental

Radical Robotics’ automation for tank cleaning is second to none! As one of the owners of GForce Oilfield Services, who has had hands-on experience with the 2 robotic automated arms and 3 tank sweep package, the automation and tooling paired together are changing the tank cleaning industry.

-Garnett Gervais, GForce Oilfield Services

Radical Robotics is easily the industry leader for automated tank cleaning equipment. I work for Manatokan and we have recently acquired the latest generation Cannon / Sweep package. I am completely amazed by the updates and changes from previous models. Second to none quality, R&D and technical support.

-Kevin Tait, Manatokan Oilfield Services Inc.