About Us

Radical Robotics was founded in 2019 by Dustin Kos, Tony Wong and Chris Wardzinski. Prior to this, our team had spent several years working together on various research & development projects with great success. During this time, we identified each others strengths: Dustin is a visionary problem-solver. Tony is an automation guru. Chris is a programming ninja. Together, we set off to implement our passion for robotics into dangerous & hazardous environments, and from this, Radical Robotics was born.

Our robotics have quickly become best practice in every field we serve, enhancing safety and efficiency wildly past our initial expectations.

To keep up with rising demand we have expanded into our dedicated lean manufacturing facility, and we are excited to focus on what’s next.

We have recently implemented the first interactive 3D tank management system and simulation program working in harmony with our robotics paving a clear path to true Automation / Artificial Intelligence.

Today, we design and build multi-purpose robotic equipment and software for various industries. We’ve married the traditional automation world with computers. We’re always striving to develop the latest and greatest technologies that give our customers the competitive advantage to succeed.